Tea Party
March on Harrisburg PA
November 14, 2009

Sorry it's taken so long to get this posted. I've been busy getting ready to go west this winter. Also, I started putting this into a Javascript slideshow. That didn't work out. A slideshow is just not suited for something that has a narrative going along with it. So now it's back to my original format.

For me, this event started with an email about a month before the March/Rally. I decided to attend - we just have to make ourselves heard by our tone-deaf congress people. It seems like once they are elected, they forget about those who put them in office until the next election cycle starts. Then it's all about what I can do for you. Their vision only extends to the next election.

Saturday, November 14 started as a pretty dreary day. I was at a hunting camp on a mountaintop somewhere near Shippensburg Pa. I left there at about 10AM, stopped at Gander Mountain in Shippensburg in case there was something there that wanted me to buy it, and then headed to Harrisburg. I got there at about 11:30 and the Capitol steps were bare. So I wandered around for a while in a light drizzle, found a nice place for lunch and had a couple slices of local pizza. Back at the Capitol by 12:30 and this is what I found.

Still, there were not many people on the steps of the Capitol. This couldn't be the wrong day, could it? There was a little activity at the top so I wandered up there.

This is Robert Mansfield - a conservative hopeful running for Governor of PA. He's speaking to about a half dozen early arrivals for the march. Click here to go to his website. He sounded good, but he dresses like a politician. He didn't look like 'common folk' to me but he may well be a good alternative to the leadership we have now. If anyone knows any different, let me know.

One of the early arrivals. His sign looks like a ransom note you'd find on CSI. Insanity? You'd have to be a little bit of that to want to be a career politician.

Signs of the times.
"Your Job: defend and protect the Constitution. DO IT!"
"Irresponsible Government Must Fall."

More early arrivals.
"Stop Spending Money We Don't Have."
Unfortunately, they print the money they don't have while they are still taking it out of our pocket. 11/02/2009 - remember that date.

"Making a Skyscraper Collapse into It's own Footprint is an Engineering Feet (sic). A Random Act Can't Do It."
Ok. Must be a Truther. She apparently believes the Government had somehow arranged the collapse of the twin towers. To each her own I suppose.

"Say No To - pretty much everything this administration has done so far - AND DO ... Listen to the People!!"
I agree wholeheartedly. Will it happen? Only if we wake up and make our voices heard.

Actually, she should google that phrase. More appropriate would be "I Am A Proud Tea Party Activist."
I am. And I'll make it to as many of these marches/rallies as I can.

Hmmm. His data is a little outdated I think.
His sign has PA receiving $51 Million in Stimulus and creating/retaining 9 jobs. He said he pulled his data from Recovery.gov.
I've been unable to find any data there I'd trust.

Even the young get in on this!!
"Send No Soldier To Die for 'Obamanism'
Impeach Him Now!"
Her sister and Grand Dad are here too.

Her Sister with a Pro-Life sign.
"All Life. Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness. Defend This Now!"

Grand Dad.
"'God's Gifts' Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness.
Our Response: Defend America"

I know which one I drink.
How about you? If you can't figure this out, you're drinking the pink one.

Yes, Yes, Yes!!
November 2010 starts our time of Hope and Change!!
Get out and Vote! More than once if you can!

Actually, probably not. Because the Government will be in control of our health, owning a dog will be unhealthy (you might get bit and get rabies) so you won't be able to have one.

Finally the marchers arrive!! One of the websites I found said the march was to start at 2 PM - and here they are, right on schedule!

Apparently they started on the City Island (A city park in the middle of the Susquehanna River) and marched a mile or so down the Market Street Walking Bridge to the Capitol.

11/02/2010. If we get together we can do it.

Governor Rendell has few friends in this crowd!! By the time they all got to the Capitol steps, I estimate somewhere on the order of 1200 to 1500 people marched. Not too bad for a local rally!!

"Taxed Enough Already."

11/02/2010. We can do it!

The Second Amendment is a popular Rallying point too. This is an AR15. There were several people in the crowd carrying sidearms. It's their right!!

I talked to this gentleman and told him about an AR15 I'd built and he indicated he wished he could do the same. I said why not do it? He pointed to his wife. I laughed and told her that building an AR could have some nice long term benefits! All he needs to get started is the Receiver - a nice, inexpensive Christmas gift. Then, she'd never be at a loss for gift for him - just get him the next part he needs!! I'm not sure she was too happy with me . . :-(

Another Second Amendment Sentiment - "I'll Keep My Guns, Freedom and Money . . . You Can Keep the Change!! I Vote."
Also, "Global Warming Is A Liberal Myth."
Just remember the words of one of Obama's Czars, "Never let a good crisis go to waste." Global Warming is a "Crisis" and Cap and Trade is to stop the crisis.

I think this one speaks for itself!! Yikes!!

And on the other side. "Remember the Constitution!! We Are the People. You Will Listen or You Will Be Replaced!! We Are Patriots."
Well, they aren't listening. So it's time to replace them.
11/02/2010. Vote and vote often.

Starting to get a little crowded as the Rally starts!

Ok. You wonder I'm sure.
I talked to him and he's costumed as a Tea Bag!
The sign on the hat says. "Rendell's Tea Tax. Throw the Tea in The Susquehanna Like it was in Boston Harbor." The other sign says, "Throw Governor Rendell Overboard and Keep the Tea. His Brew is Bitter, Hard to Swallow and Makes Me Puke!!!"

Very true. Once Stupid, Always Stupid. Stupid is not skin deep either - it goes right to the bone.

Out with Acorn. Stop funding them. They are socialist crooks from Chicago - Obama friends. As for Unions, Google SEIU and see who their friends are. Who has paid more visits to Obama in the White House than any other person? Andy Stern, the avowed Marxist president of SEIU.

Hard to get, but perhaps. This would be the ideal - no more career politicians.

My principles too. Visit the website.

This is a little ambiguous, but it means that America is ABOVE abortion.

"The people are Sovereign, Not Government. Don't Tread On Me."

End of program.