Town Hall Meeting
Sen. Arlen Specter
Lebanon, PA


There are some creative people here!!

Nancy Pelosi beware!!

More creative art!!

Almost a universal sign!!

Yes, Yes!!

Actually, that's not in the bill. But passage of the house bill would be a giant step in that direction. Same with abortion.
Another angry citizen - and rightfully so I might add. Both sides of her sign.

A universal sentiment.

According to some in congress, yes you are!!

As well you should. At issue here though, is understanding what you've read and understanding the implications and consequences. Maybe Cliff's Notes will help!

This guy had a lot to say and not much space to say it in!!

The other side of the sign above.

Now this is creative. NOT Astroturf, that's real grass hanging on that sign folks!!

Always have been - gonna be real hard to change.

The Federal Government should stay out of our lives. This country was formed as a REPUBLIC. Unfortunately, we've been on a long, gradual, slippery slope to tyranny for a long time and that trend is going to be extremely difficult to reverse.

Yes, Nancy. Who do you think you are?

Hmmm. That's where we're going.

Hooray for you!!

The flip side.

Again, this isn't exactly in the proposals, but the proposals are a giant step in this direction.

Yes. Just another Power Grab. How much of your life do you want the "progressive elite" controlling?

Did I see this sign before?

The Patients First tour bus. These people travel around the country spreading their message.

I think this is an ACORN thug. Just look at how he dresses. Camoflage, trying to blend in.
Some people just shouldn't be allowed to dress themselves!!

All tuckered out...

This was virtually the only hand made sign on the left. All the others had signs provided by HCAN, SEIU, whatever.

One last interview by the CNN babe.

That's All Folks . . . !!

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