Tea Party Express
March on Washington DC
September 12, 2009

Washington, DC. Three of us started out from York PA early Saturday morning headed for the Tea Party Express march and rally in Washington DC. Our plan was to catch the Washington Metro from the Greenbelt station just inside the beltway. This was a good plan. We arrived at the station by 7:45 am, got our tickets and moved to the platform to await the first train of the morning. On the platform with us was a few groups of people with the same plans as us - March on the Capitol - they were easy to pick out as they were all carrying protest signs. We had a few signs with us and passed our extras out to some of those who had none. The train was on time and we left Greenbelt promptly at 8:04 am. After a couple stops, the car I was in was pretty much full, and was mostly fellow protesters going to the march and rally. One local sitting next to me indicated that on any Saturday morning this early, the train was normally empty. A gentleman a couple seats away from me, raised his cell-phone in the air and said, "This is Tallahassee on the line. Let them know what you think about the march today!" The windows shook as the whole car erupted with cheers!!

We arrived at the Archive station just off Pennsylvania Avenue, disembarked and joined the streams of people heading for the start of the rally.

I'm arriving at the start location and this picture looks NW at Pennsylvania Avenue at 14th.

I'm on Pennsylvania Avenue looking north at Pershing Park. It's now only 9:00 am and the march doesn't start until 10:00 am. The crowd is growing by the minute!!

I can't agree more!!

A friend, a supporter, a believer.

One of the contingent from New Mexico. We talked to people from all over the country. Of course the East Coast was represented well, but there were quite a few people from west of the Mississippi. These people are all concerned with the direction the current administration and congress are taking us.

The New Joker - what can I say. Whoever originally made this caricature, made a hit and a legend.

We're TEA'D - Taxed Enough Already!!

TEA, as in TEA Party Express is an acronym for
Taxed Enough Already!

They don't read what they vote for and they certainly can't do the math.

Wake up Media. You Are Next on the Government "Hit List."
Shortly after this, I took off my Media ID.

We got here at about 9 am. The crowd is growing every minute.

Part of the large contingent from Florida.
The South Florida TEA Party. These people are from Palm Beach County and have a very informative web site.

The BOOB CZAR. As you can see, she is more qualified than most!!
My favorite Czar by far!

And here's the CZAR of TRANSPARENCY. As you can see, there is nothing to see here. Hmmm. Too bad!

And the GREEN CZAR. I really like the shirt and the doo.
This must be Obama's replacement for Van Jones.

A Veteran speaks his mind. Is our government moving toward Communism? I think we've been creeping in that direction for decades.

Sooo, where are the elves?

I hope there was someone behind me they were glaring at. I don't remember if I had my Media ID on at this time or not.

The First Coast Tea Party Float. These people are out of Jacksonville FL.

Of course the police were well represented too. These are a couple of the very few I saw walking through the crowd.
Nice hats. Although you can't see them well here, they look like the workers hats seen on Marxist posters. You know, the kind with the worker raising his fist in the air? On Page 2, you'll see one on an Obama caricature.

More of the Marxist, Facist comparisons. Only a few of us listened last year. Now look where we're at.
"If it sounds like Marx & acts like Stalin, it's probably Obama."

The thin blue line ready to move out. This is right across the street from Pershing Park. We'll see them later about half-way through the march route.

The First Coasters and their float again.

The crowd is getting ready to move, the time is getting near.

The same crowd, a little further down the street.

The signs and posters weren't the only media used to express your opinions.

This lady is well prepared. She can take on the sun or the rain and her signs hang from her umbrella.
FYI, I'm a mob member too. My government also thinks I'm dangerous, so look out. Isn't it nice that our elected representatives think that way of the electorate? Bozos all.

Another billboard back!

Speaking from a wheelchair. I shook his hand and thanked him for his sacrifice. Whenever we can, we should all do that for those who fought or are fighting for our freedoms.

Thank you Oprah. Where the hell are you now?

These ACORN thugs have got to go. Unfortunately, Obama is a product of ACORN, taught them some of their/his tactics and now supports them with OUR TAX DOLLARS.

They're pretty ineffective anyhow.

Yep, ship 'em out now. I know that Bush and Clinton had a couple too. Obama has 34 - Yikes!! Who the hell is running our government? Why aren't these thugs vetted by Congress?

From the US Constitution, Article II, Section 2:
" . . and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for . ."

Yep. Is this the change our prople voted for?

Good question. I looked around for the satellite vans and found none. I did see a few videographers and saw Fox. But no NBC, CBS, ABC or CNN.

Nice sign!

And made by the same person!

The crowd was really starting to build as the time grew near for the start of the march. Here's a link to a panorama to give you an idea of the size of the crowd.

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