Tea Party Express
March on Washington DC
September 12, 2009

The Gross National Debt

More of the crowd trying to get to the speakers platform in front of the West Entrance.

My hope is that we can keep this going until November 2010.

My traveling companions. Throughout this whole thing, they managed to keep up with me so we didn't get separated. Good thing too, I didn't have the car keys.

Flip This House 2010 is sponsored by Grassfire.org. At this point, we were wedged elbow to elbow and front to back only one row from the fence separating us from the speakers podium. I got my arms up with my camera to take this shot, and couldn't get them down again.

What better place to thrust your protest sign into the air!!

More of the crowd at the speaker's podium.

The sign must refer to the monkey on his back.

On the wall, G. Washington lets loose with a SOB and a flood of tears, as Obama, in bed with the Marxists, Communists, Anti-Capitalists and Radicals, says, Hey Comrads [sic], I think we have a leak.

I feel the same way about the "Change" we've seen so far.

I'm standing at the foot of the Capitol West Lawn shooting towards the Capitol and the North Wing. Earlier, next to the fence in front of the speakers podium, the crowd was pressing so much I started to feel claustiphobic and had to move away.

Referring to our choice of President of course. Pretty damn big and unfortunate Ooops!

That's what she thinks of any of us who disagree with her very considered and enlightened opinion.

So where has the money gone? Anyone? Anyone?

So how many people were there? I've seen estimates anywhere from 70,000 to 1.5 Million. I'd put the number close to the high end. Here's a 40 second time-lapse video that runs from 8:00 am through 11:30 am. The view is from the start of the march down Pennsylvania Avenue toward the Capitol. You be the judge.

We left the Capitol at about noon and headed for Union Station for a bit of lunch and a break. On the way up the hill, we saw the extent of the crowd and talked about leaving from Union Station rather than trying to make our way back to the Archive station. We'd have never made it through the crowd. On the way to lunch, there was still a steady stream of people coming from Union Station carrying their protest signs. They were still coming in droves! We ate lunch on the mezzanine level above the Main Hall and protesters were arriving all during lunch! We left at about 1:30 pm and the people were still coming!

If you get to Washington for whatever reason, a visit to Union Station is certainly in order and would be well worth it. Union Station was completely renovated in the late 1980's and has been restored to it's former glory. Within the Station, there are over 100 places to eat and shop.

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